A Brief Account of How I Got Here… Very Brief.

Like most people I have struggled with my weight.  When I was 15 I became a life time member at Weight Watchers, I felt fantastic.  I maintained a weight between 115 – 120 until I was 18, I  slowly started gaining weight by the time I was 19 I weighed 150 pounds, when I saw those numbers, I went back to weight watchers but was not  really into it and nothing really happened – other than me waiting a shit-ton of money. I also went to the Dr. I found out that my thyroid was not functioning properly, which was partially why I gained weight – not the only reason obviously but it was a convenient excuse.   I quit watching the scale at that point.  By 22 I was hovering between 160 and 175, while this may not be a huge deal for most people this is rotund for me as I only stand 4’10.  I maintained this weight until I was roughly 24, which I slowly started going higher.

When I was 25 I stepped on the scale and found that it read 199 pounds, I went to the Dr. and was put on Merida, I followed a very strict diet, which was a fruit for breakfast, lunch was either soup or salad and dinner was a protein, veggies and a fruit for dessert.  I went from 199 to 170 before quitting Meridia, of course my weight went back up and on top of that I gained more weight.

At 27, I was 210 pounds.  I cried, and yelled and cried some more.  I also took before pictures, they are horrible and made me feel terrible.  I hated myself, I hated how they looked and decided to do something about my weight.  Well I have been doing this whole weight loss thing since August 2010, in that time I have learned a lot about nutrition however; without my heart and my head being 100% into the journey I have managed to gain 4 extra pounds on top of my high weight.

The beginning of January I decided to take life by the balls, and make it my absolute bitch.  I started being religious about watching what I put in my face, and exercising regularly (again).  Currently I walk on an indoor track twice a week for an hour and do 3 days of interval walk/run on the treadmill.  I do plan on upping the exercise up but I have to work myself into that.


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