Honesty: Now Including Before Pictures and Measurements

I really need to take more time out of my busy (not really) life and post more.    I am still fighting the good fight but today was much different than most.  As I mentioned in a previous post I am a member of Myfitnesspal, I spend a lot of my days over there interacting with some very wonderful people, who listen to me bitch, whine, cry, threaten to quit and get my snark on; they are fantastic people whom I really own a l of gratitude.

Today is one of the days that they deserve a medal for dealing with my bullshit.  That bullshit started with me wanting to just give up.  Why give up?  Because I stepped on the scale and it revealed a super magical number and that number was 214.4lbs. This number has sent me over the edge – I am maintaining like crazy, but there has not been any major loss on the scale at all.  I have been behaving myself, I have been working out, I have been doing everything “right” since January and I am up .2 pounds overall, which is so disappointing.

After my little melt down, I resolved to go back to the drawing board, and I did.  I have decided to quit all major exercise things I was doing – C25K will be on hold for a bit, I have dropped every other DVD I have done and I have decided to stick with just the 30DS, a walk twice a week on the track with my best friend, and swimming/water sliding once a week with my niece.  I am also not going to step on the scale until the end of the 30 Day Shred.  I am going to try and do this every day – except  Saturday as this will serve as my “rest day” , this means my 30 days will be up on March 26th 2012, this will also be the day I step on the scale again.

to  go with the 30 day shred I did my measurements (all are done in inches):

Right Thigh – 28.5
Left thigh – 28.5
Left Calf – 19
Right Calf – 19
Right Upper Arm – 15.5
Left upper Arm – 15.5
Left wrist – 6
right wrist – 6
right ankle – 9
left ankle – 9
bust – 41
upper stomach – 44
lower stomach – 49.5
waist at belly  – 43.5
hips – 49

I also did Before pictures.  When I went to off load the pictures from my camera I noticed there were some pictures I have on there from December, I put them up against the ones today and there is a small change (at least I think there is), I have posted them below but please be kind as this is not something I am real proud of, I dislike the way I look – they area in a sports bra and shorts (for the first ones) and a sports bra and underwear (for the second ones) for the sake of keeping myself honest here they are:


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