Not Accepting Fat Acceptance

Recently a friend of mine posted a pretty controversial blog post on her Facebook wall, I do not have the link as it appears to have been removed from her wall, I did read the post and she did have a warning on the post that some of her friends/family may be offended by it.   The fall out from the post was less than awesome – which is unfortunate, as she never once said she agreed or disagreed with the post, and I really hope she does not mind me posting a blog post about this – I will not name names or call anyone out on this.

The post was not super well written, and I would put money on the fact that it was written by someone who has never been over weight.  I did read it, I did comment on it but I never once called her out on it as I feel that I know her well enough to know that she was just looking for a debate or others opinion on the topic.

The jest of the topic was that fat is gross, disgusting as are fat people.   While I do not like the way the post was written – the tone was not fantastic, it was hateful, and it was full of making fun of fat people, the topic did get spark something in my brain – and it was not a negative thought, or one that made me jump down her throat at all.  

That spark had me conclude that I do not agree with fat acceptance.  I do not think fat is OK, I do not think that the government should have to change anything to get people in check, I would like to see a government mandate that states all food places, and companies need to supply nutritional information on products but honestly I think that individuals themselves should be smart enough to know what to and what not to put in their mouths, I will elaborate on this more in a minute.

I am not OK with fat acceptance.  Not even a little; I am not saying fat is ugly, or fat people should be made fun of, or that the world should hate fat people at all but I do think that accepting fat is accepting that you are not living up to your potential.  To me accepting that you are fat and living with it just signifies that you are complacent, that you like your rut, I have sympathy for you – life has so much to offer why waste it being trapped in a fat suit?    God knows I am fat; I am really not OK with being fat, hence the start on this stupid journey to lose 100 pounds.

 I do not think being fat makes me undeserving of being treated fairly, or kind, and it does not make me any less beautiful.  I feel for other fat people, but you know where that empathy ends?  It ends when the person sits and complains about being fat but does nothing to fix the problem. You can always fix the problem; you do NOT have to just accept it.  Fixing the problem though means changing your life.  You need to move more, eat less – something that is not easy to do, losing weight is fucking hard, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have extremely obese people would we?

 Sometimes that lifestyle change involves surgery, if that is the case so be it, and at least you are trying.  But more often all it requires is stepping away from the couch putting the cookies away and grabbing an apple.  Small changes make a huge impact, no one needs to jump in feet first off the start, but at least try.

 As for the government; why should they tell me what to eat and what not to eat?  They didn’t make me fat, I hate when people start saying the government should… blah blah fucking blah.  No, the government shouldn’t, if you are going to eat out why should there only be healthy options?  There shouldn’t you should be smart enough to make a decision on what is going in your mouth.   I eat out, I never have a problem – sure sometimes I am blind sided by hidden calories (damn you salad!) but honestly think about it.  Fast food has been around for decades – and people have not always been super fat have they? No, we as a society has gotten lazy, and it is easier to sit and complain about how unhealthy everything is rather than make choices that are healthier/better and getting off the couch and moving.

I am not pointing fingers – I did this, I sat on the couch and made horribly choices and now look at me, I am in a fat suit disliking every minute of it but guess what??? I am doing something about it – I am trying to be better.

So before you jump down my throat about how terrible I am as a human being, I would like to invite you to look at my previous post – look at that person, I am a FAT person, I am not a skinny person, I am not fit.  I am not big boned – quite the opposite actually, I am also NOT ok with accepting that body.  I will never be OK with that body.  If you are I think you need to look again, because last I checked no one liked being the fat friend/person in the room, no matter how confident you are, you have just grown to accept something that you do not have to accept.  I also do not think you are any less of a person if you are overweight, I also do not think that being a fit person makes you any better than me.

Now stop reading this and go for a walk or something – I am sure you will feel better when you are done 😉


One response to “Not Accepting Fat Acceptance

  • KCsaid

    I totally agree. People need to wake up and realise that if you are overweight you shouldn’t just accept it and live with being unhappy. Get the guts to make that change in your life! It’s so good seeing people that are overweight doing something about it. Keep it up!

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