Updates… not funny…

I am a horrible blogger, and in all honesty kind of forgot about this blog.   Or rather I tried to forget about it and did a great job pretending it didn’t exist.

I have been working my butt off trying to lose this weight and for the sake of being honest I will put this out there.  In my one post I said that 214.something was a horrible number, well that number got a happy dance when I saw it again.   Yes I gained weight actually my highest weight to date was 218.2lbs.

When the scale topped off at 218 and change I had pretty much quit everything, I mean why try when you gain weight doing the right things right?   Well a few weeks after topping out at that ungodly high number my mom joined Weight Watchers online, she was having great success, I was a bit envious.  A few weeks later she paid for me to join as well so she would not have to go at it alone, I was skeptical, so very skeptical because if I couldn’t lose weight on my own paying for it was not going to help right?  Well boy was I wrong.  At last count I was back down to 210.2, yes folks you have read that.  I did love 3 of those pounds prior to weight watchers, but 5.6 pounds of that  has all been with WW.    I did have a small blip on the radar after a very food filled weekend a couple of weeks ago where I gained almost 2 pounds  but I am back now and hopefully come Friday I see the scale drop a little bit.

As for the weight, I was hoping to be at goal by the beginning of this month when I started 2 years ago (or almost 2 years ago) and I am sitting right exactly where I am but I am oddly OK with it, not that I am still fat, but I know I am trying and I know that I am trying and that I am making the correct steps to become the best me I can be (that sounds lame I know… forgive me its late).

I will be updating this more frequently as I am back on the right path and do not plan to get off it again until I see my goal.

That’s if for now.




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