Weight Watchers Vs. MFP

really do, I learn a lot, and I have some fantastic friends over there.  But I am also a member of WW.   Now When I read the forums over on MFP there is a lot of weight watchers hate.  Majority of people say “weight watchers doesn’t teach you how to properly eat because they do not tell you how many grams of sugar/fiber/protein etc.  you eat.  They do not help you make healthier choices because of this and blah blah blah.  Now I get being loyal to your tool.  I really do – like I said, I LOVE MFP.  But while logging my food on MFP I lost zero pounds.  I gained 15 actually.  I was working out and eating and I gained weight.  You want to know why I gained weight?  Because I focused so much on numbers that I didn’t listen to myself.  I mean really let me see.  100 calorie snack pack of cookies or 100 calorie apple.  I will choose the cookies EVERY time.  It’s the same calorie count so … its well with in my daily limit.  However on weight watchers that same choice works out to 3 points for the snack pack or zero points for the apple.  Guess which one I will choose EVERY TIME.  That’s right the Apple.  No questions asked always the apple.

Now common sense tell you that as an adult I know the apple is obviously the better choice but when you watch calories 100 calories is a 100 calories (ok I know there are better calories than others but still at the end of the day 100 calories is 100 calories in math).  I didn’t watch Micros and Macros because well I am not that interested, and if you read 100 websites you will find 50 that say one thing and 50 that say the other things.

As for not learning to eat properly.  When you figure out points there are 4 different things that contribute to the points total.  That’s Fat, Carbohydrates, Fiber and protein.   So you HAVE to still watch these things, at least that’s what I have found.   So to say Weightwatchers is substandard and it wont help teach you how to eat properly is BUNK.  B-U-N-K.  I have lost 10 pounds on weight watchers and I gained 15 pounds on MFP’s calorie count. So…. Don’t tell me its not a good choice.

Oh and for those who say you do not eat enough calories because weight watchers encourages you to eat less than 500 calories a day.  Yeah no id doesn’t to meet my daily total of points I have to eat at least 1280 calories – EXCLUDING what is in fruits and veggies because they are zero points so in reality I probably consume about 1500 calories a day, last I checked that  is exactly what I should be eating and is 1000 more calories than 500.  It is just simpler and I do not obsess as much over food as I did when I was counting calories.

I still weigh, measure  and document my food It is just in a different way.


One response to “Weight Watchers Vs. MFP

  • Charlene

    I used MFP in the past. I thought it was a great alternative to paying to use the Weight Watchers online tools. Like everything else, it works for some and not for others. A few people at my job are having great success using MFP. I did not, so I’m back to Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers is a huge marketing machine, but it also works.

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