Life, the Plague, and A New Challange

Well since I last wrote here a lot has happened.  I contracted the plague – well not really… at least I don’t think so.  I got the cold/flu thing that is going around and it really kicked my ass – as in for a week all I could eat/drink was apple juice, popsicles,  ice cream and asprin, than once I started feeling better  my face started breaking out in some kind of amazing rebellion that is fever blisters/cold sores, they are pretty awesome!  NOT!!! Every day for 5 days I woke up with new ones, and now I am like the fucking Joker when I open my mouth because the bastards keep fucking cracking and bleeding;  it is real attractive.

My aunt also ended up in the hospital – she is still there, its pretty not awesome.  She has some weird thing that almost killed her, she is making her recovery now but there are issues.  I don’t want to get into it on here as it is not my story to tell, but that was a source of spectacular stress.

I started working out again last week, until I fell over and slammed my head on the floor doing a sun salutation – yeah not fun and I ended my work out there, stupid ears!  I will continue next week.

Stepped on the scale last week and maintained.  I was very disappointed in myself but I had to remind myself that I was sick and that my body was probably just being a rank bitch.  It didn’t soften the blow considering I still have my Christmas weight to lose.  However; today I got up, stepped on the scale to find a 5.2 pound drop – which is completely unheard of for me.  I am quite happy with it, and will not question it what-so-ever.

And now for the big news.

Today I signed up for… The Spartan Sprint in June of this year – that means I have 5 months to get my large ass ready for an obstacle course full of mud and such.  Its in Alberta, and while I am nervous about driving myself I am quite excited! I will be meeting a very good friend from MFP for the first time there as well!  Mom however believes I will chicken out and waste my money – so I am out to prove to her that I CAN and will do this…. even if it slightly kills me I want that goddamn finishers medal!!!


That’s really all for now, I will be updating more frequently with my progress in training.  This will give me something to work for and being as I am committed now I cannot back out, this is a big step for me.


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