I Have Lost My Mind – It’s Official




Today I did something I said I would never ever do – EVER.

Today I decided to start Insanity.  Now if you have never heard of insanity  you should go to youtube and look up a video; go ahead I will wait.   OK so assuming you know what it is or you have watched a brief video of what it is you have a basic idea.  Now watching the videos over the weekend I thought ‘this cannot be that bad, it doesn’t  look that difficult.  I am sure I can do this.’  Fast forward to today and let me tell you, I underestimated this work out.  The 26ish minutes of the fit test damn near killed me.  By killed me I mean I was literally laid out on my floor when I was done begging for mercy.

The fit test itself was no surprise, I haven’t done majority of those exercises in a long time and some of them I have never done.   You watch these people do things like push-up jacks (or as I will refer to them… hell in a plankish format.)  They make it look so damn easy – yeah if you can’t do a single push-up like me than its not so easy.  Suicide jumps –  I hate loath suicide jumps, I have always hated suicide jumps but these are something I NEED to concur in order to excel at the Spartan Sprint in June so I decided I was going to do them.  I have not done a suicide jump since I was in grade 12 (I think it could be longer), grade 12 was  13 years ago, that is 13 years WITHOUT doing a fucking suicide jump… 13 people… that’s a lot of days.    Today I did 4.  4 suicide jumps and then I collapsed on the floor and gave Shaun T the finger (hey at least I didn’t swear at him like I do Jillian) before rolling to my water and guzzled some.

Once the workout was over, I looked at my fit test sheet for day one and I shook my head in sad realization that my fitness level is very, very sad.  So sad that even the sad panda looks happy.  I have now vowed that I will do 60 damn days of this crap and see if I can get my shit together and maybe lose a little more weight in the process.  I know I need to work on my upper body strength but I really think that starting with this will be a good place.

Tomorrow if I am able to get out of bed without assistance, and get into my pants without crying I will consider it a victory.  A very large victory.

Also below  is my day 1 photo or (before) insanity photo – don’t mind the blurriness,  I am not re-doing these stupid pictures.




And Note to self:  After working out so hard  – do not ever go for a shower and then step on the hardwood floor with wet feet, you will fall, you will tweak your hip and you will hit your head.  You have been warned.


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