The Things People Forget to Tell You

Three days into insanity and still going strong.    Well, sort of strong… more like dragging myself across the floor but hey I am trying and that is what counts right? RIGHT?

However; this is a post about me going strong – well it is and it isn’t.

Being part of MFP, I have seen a million posts, and comments about Shaun T and Insanity.  It’s wonderful they said.  It’s a great workout they said.  by day 3 you get in a groove they said.   But there is this thing they didn’t say so I am going to say it for them all.

By day 3 when you go to get out of bed you will not be able to move, your body will seize up and you will almost require assistance to get out of bed.  You will also have to talk yourself into putting your pants on, and once you start you might fall over an hit the wall.  Going down stairs?  Forget going back up them, its easier to set up base camp at the bottom and try again tomorrow.   If  going to the bathroom hurt on day 2, forget day 3, depends will look fantastic.   Need to tie your shoes?  Find a friend that is willing to help because bending over or even sitting down to do it will not go well and you may even be reduced to tears.

As the day progresses so will the DOMS, by the end of the day you will want to curl up in the fetal position and die, and then you will remember that the fetal position will more than likely kill you so you will just sit in your chair and hope to God that life will just stop for a minute so you can figure out how you are going to get through your work out (unless of course you are a morning workout person – and in that case… you poor poor bastard, you are probably still laying on the floor wondering when help is going to get to you.)

My hips are acting like an old lady’s hips.  My legs don’t want to bend.  My shoulders/back/arms are attached – oh god are they attached, they can’t be moved to high or fast but they are still there, functioning at half mass and when you only have T-Rex arms to start with you can imagine how difficult normal life is.

I did however; go to the swimming pool with my 8 year old niece today, my muscles felt pretty good when I got out – even if the hot tub (the one thing I was really looking forward to) was out of commission for maintenance, just moving them did amazing things… and then I came home and met with Shaun T in my living room and seriously thought I might fall over – but work out 3 is under my belt, I am looking forward to the whole Cardio Recovery tomorrow – I need a bit of a damn break… the work out has recovery in it so it can’t be that bad… Can it?


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