My Hands Are Going to Fall Off… and Other Things

My hands are going to fall off.  At least that is what a Google search has told me.  I am actually pretty sure that my hands are not going to fall off but they will have no skin left if they don’t stop this whole superficial blister and then peel crap – it almost looks like I have athletes foot on my hands, after searching through a few more (ok maybe 100) pages I did find something that sounds like its right its Exfoliative keratolysis.  It’s not painful but it looks terrible and I am going to own stocks in Aveeno when I am done I am sure of it.

Anyways… onto the reason I really am writing this post, and I do realize the irony behind this post… I do not like to talk about exercise yet here it is.  More talk about exercise.

Day…Who the fuck really cares?  It’s more than 1 and less than 15.  I think its day 10 because I am a ridiculous dunce that missed one of the days because I thought I started on a Sunday and I Really started on a Monday, so I missed a day of pure cardio – not that I am sad but now I have to make up for it some how I am pretty sure anyways.


Let’s see, I last wrote on Day 3.  Day 3 was hell; I really thought I was going to die.  I am still not convinced I am not going to die to be honest.  I could lie to you and say shit gets better, and in a way it does – I no longer cry when I move and my legs/core/arms do not feel like they are plotting against me in anyway but in a way I feel like a bit of a failure.  I can’t do a fucking push-up to save my life, so try and do a push-up jack is not happening, trying to do moving push-up doesn’t happen, and level 1 or 2 drills is fucking funny… so funny.  I do not think Shaun T or the people at Beachbody really meant for this work out to be done by a fatty.  My lower stomach gets in the way, doing a burpee or suicide jump or what ever the hell they are called is nearly impossible.


Ski abs, in-and-out abs or any other kind of movement done from the plank position is a jock, my knees don’t come to the right spot I look like a fucking T-Rex trying to get up after they tripped over a stupid tree root, and its not graceful.


Also mummy kicks.  WTF?  Seriously WTF?  I am not a coordinated person, my arms and legs do not like moving in different ways it is just not something I enjoy.


Let’s not factor into the fact that I have as much grace as a heifer doing ballet – which equates to none at all.  I managed to step on my finger last night, I also managed to punch myself in the face and I also managed to almost fall right on my ass while doing the quad stretch.


Things that have gotten easier?  I can do a few more jumping jacks,  I am slowly (re: it has taken me 10 days to figure out how to NOT die during the warm up)  learning some of the moves, and by the end of the videos – with the exception of Pure Cardio, I am not wanting to crawl to the TV and shut it off.


I think what is the hardest for me is that I am not good at it.  I am struggling with a lot of things and I am not one that likes to do things I suck at.  I don’t hate insanity, but looking back I should have probably found something else to get in a bit better shape than just insanity but you know hindsight is 20/20 and now that I am 10 days into this crap I will continue and I will see it through for the full 60 some days and I will see what happens, but I can tell you that I did progress pictures and I do not see any changes what-so-ever so that was a little disheartening.


5 responses to “My Hands Are Going to Fall Off… and Other Things

  • Julie the Workaholic

    I’m struggling through 30DS, myself, and cuss Jillian like a dog. I can’t even IMAGINE doing insanity…You are very brave! 🙂 And I am going to have to start following your blog!

    • Lo

      I can’t make it through 3 days of 30DS without wanting to kill JM. I have tried on several different occasions, but Insanity… I actually look forward to doing it – which is weird for me I hate exercise lol.

      • Julie the Workaholic

        I have actually had to take a break for a couple of days. I’m exhausted! Been doubling up on 30DS & Couch to 5K! Back to it in the morning, tho…Nobody told me that committing to a 5K mud run was going to be such a drain on my unhealthy lifestyle. Drinking is down, as is smoking and eating! WHEW!!!

  • Bree

    About your hands, do they itch alot as well as blisters/peeling? You might want to look up Dyshidrosis (I have that), where you are allergic to some ingredients in soap.

    • Lo

      No they aren’t itchy at all. My guess is I am having an allergic reaction to something and its probably my own sweat lol that’s the kind of life I live. The Dr. is fairly certain it will go away on its own, in the mean time baby lotion is my best friend.

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