Month 1 done – I didn’t quit.

34 days complete – kind of.  I have actually competed 28 actual days of Insanity 5 rest days (I took one extra  rest day because I was out of town) and 1 day was missed because I am slightly slow.  But my calendar says 34 days have been crossed off so I am going with it.

First let me tell you.   Month one, in the beginning was hard if you remember the infamous Things People Forget to Tell You post you will remember that I thought I was going to die, in fact a little piece of me did die inside, that little piece was a bit of the fat girl crying in a corner and then she gave me the finger.

I will not lie to you I live through 6 work out mentally chanting “Saturday is rest day”  and as I got closer to “recovery week”  I was chanting how many days until recovery week – thinking recovery week would be a bit easier on me than the normal work outs.  Boy was I wrong.  Recovery week was the equivalent to water torture, or flogging or something like that.  The workouts were far less fast pasted – however; they still pushed me to places I don’t like going.  My old lady hips do not enjoy “hip flexor burners”, my fat little body hates level 1 drills, jumping annoys the shit out of my knee but I plugged thought.  I made it.  I did the work outs.  I made things happen I didn’t think were possible – like finishing 34 days of a work out program that scared the crap out of me after I watched the infomercial, and then proceeding to go to youtube and watching  some of the videos there, and also having my friend who is in fairly good shape  quit halfway through because it was too hard.

Why am I doing this?   I really think its because I am stubborn and now that I have one month under my belt I think I can do one more.   I see a medal at the end of the Spartan Sprint and I want so badly to say “I did it and I didn’t die!”  I want to prove to myself above all else that I am capable of things I think are impossible.

Has anything changed in the month?  Sure lots has changed, I am more confident.  I am sleeping better – when my hips done scream at me that is.  I am able to do pushups – not many but its getting better.  My endurance is a bit better – I think anyways I don’t want to die after 2 jumping jacks so that’s a benefit.  My clothes are fitting better.  But the biggest thing I have started waking up in the morning and doing my work out as soon as I crawl out of bed – my poor dog is so confused.

At the beginning of February I quit weighing myself, this is a huge thing for me.  I normally weighed myself once a week and to go from once a week to none that is huge.  Why did I do that?  Because the scale was pissing me off and making me have a defeatist attitude.  I hated everything because the scale said I had gained weight; logically I know I didn’t gain fat – impossible, but I was still gaining weight, the number on the scale was still going up and I was still sitting there going Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot.  I have not stepped foot on that scale since I took the battery out and put the thing in the bathroom cabinet, it hasn’t even been tempting – I am curious to see  what that weight is BUT I am not curious enough to sneak a peak, I have one more month and then I will do it, I am not expecting a huge loss, if any but I do know things are changing as I have some progress pics that show some change – not a lot but some.

Sunday starts month 2, I am not going to lie I am actually afraid to even look a head and see what I have to do.  I know there is the fit test and then Max Interval Circuit following it which by the way seems a little unfair, there should only be a fit test on fit test days.

Anyways below are the before and during photos.  Not flattering I am aware of this but they are there.

Day 1


day 31


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