Its been a while…

It has been a while since I did an update on this thing.  My goal was to actually blog more frequently but things have just been crazy.  Last week I had my niece from Thursday evening until Sunday as they were moving and moving with an 8 year old that likes to unpack and repack things is quite difficult.  The time was great, but I am not used to having a tiny human with me so it threw my schedule off a little, which left blogging to the way side.  Before that I didn’t have a lot to say.



I have not stopped working out, I am still plugging along with Insanity – even though I am pretty sure Shaun T wants fat people to die (not really but it feels like it.)    I pulled my oblique on Sunday night, so I took Monday night off to give it a change to rest –  I curled up with my heating pad and went to bed quite early and woke up feeling good, did my work out last night and was pretty decent.  I have decided I will just move my rest day from Saturday to Monday and do Monday’s workout on Saturday.   I have come down with a cold so working out is not at the best of my ability but for an hour last night I was able to breath and didn’t die of coughing (which I was doing all day).  So I was thankful for that and my calorie burn was actually higher than the last time I did the work out so I feel as though I pushed myself a little harder – not much, I took breaks when I needed them.


I finished “Recovery Week”  I put that in quotation marks because while it gave me a break from dying due to fast paced movements, it did not give me quite the break I wanted.  Core Cardio & Balance was tough.  I know this is mostly because my Core  muscles are mushy, and my Balance isn’t for crap.  The movements were simple, the word recovery however; is wrong.  I don’t think recovery should have been used, something more like Torture Week would be good.  First you are doing the same work out everyday.  This is what makes me fail any JM DVD, I get bored easily and doing the same thing over and over and over again gets old FAST.  Thankfully it was only a week so I sucked it up and I did it.  I didn’t like it but I did it.


As for month 2?  It can suck it.   HARD.  Lets start on day 1 of month 2.  Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit.  Who’s bright idea was this?  The fit test is roughly 20 minutes long, you push yourself as hard as humanly possible because well you want to see improvements from the last time you did it.  Than you turn around and do a fucking interval circuit that is something like 55 fucking minutes??? By the time I was done I thought I was going to die – literally just going to fall over and die right on the spot.


Max interval Plyo… OK so I did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit in month one how much different can this one be?  I start the video, I get through the warm up.  Not horrible a couple new things but nothing terrifying… and then you get to the squat push-up.  I stood in the living room and said “You have got to be fucking kidding me right??!”  No, no there was no joke.   I did them – 2 of them, not many I thought they were hell.  As you progress through the DVD there are things in there that are foreign,  So foreign  I spent most of the first time doing the DVD watching trying to figure out exactly what the hell was going on.    By the end of the workout I felt confused, and pretty defeated but I have resolved to do this and I will not let anything get in my way.  The next morning?  Oh good god my triceps were on fire.  I thought my arms were going to fall off. Moving my arm in any direction was pure torture.  Pushing or pulling a door open was near impossible, I cried out like a hurt little child every time I moved my arms.  This continued for 3 days.  Three of the longest days ever, a person uses their arms an awful lot in a day.


I am nearing the middle of week 2 – which is 46 days of Insanity.  I do not feel as though I have reached any major change, I still struggle with getting through the warm up with out stopping,  I still cannot do some of the push-up moves,  Suicide jumps are still a struggle, anything that requires me to go down into a pushup or plank position and then jump back to standing is still a struggle.  I am sure its just because I am so fat, and that eventually it will get easier.  I am debating on weather I should take a week off at the end of March, and then re-do insanity again or jump into Les Mills Body Combat which looks difficult as all hell.  I know I have a few weeks to go yet, but I like having a plan.



Moral of the story?  If you are fat (like me), Insanity is hard.  Very very hard.



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