The Winds of Change

A lot has transpired over the last 30 days.  The scale and I are on a completely official break – as in I have broke up with it and the chances of us reconciling our differences is pretty slim at the moment..   I know logically I will forgive it eventual but for now we are not even frenemies.    I have also decided that while I am staying away from the scale I will befriend my tape measure;  although I would much rather not befriend any type of measuring tool what-so-ever, they all seem to tie into my self worth and I know a number is not who or what I really am.

But on April 1st I did take my measurements they are as follows:

Height: 4’9.5” (The only constant number of my life)
Weight: 211.8
Pant size: 16/18 (depending on brand/stretchiness)
Shirt size: L/XL – don’t ask me a number size because honestly I have no idea
Dress size: big? the last dress I bought was a Large – what ever that is in numbers yeah I don’t know I am not a very good girl
Neck: 14
Bust: 41
Under bust: 37.5
Chest: 38
Upper stomach: 41.5
Waist: 47
Thighs: Left: 27.5 Right: 28 (fuck that’s the size of some peoples waist)
Hip: 52
Calves: Left: 19.5 Right 19
Arms: (Both) 16

The numbers are not pretty, but they are what they are, and I will continue to try and make them better.  I will be taking out said tape measure tomorrow and doing my measurements, once a month is more than enough for me.

As of April 17th I have been lane swimming at 6am every morning, at least 3 times a week.  My actual aim is for 4-5 but for right now 3 times has been all I have been able to manage.  I swim between 45 and 50 minute a day.  The pool I go to is 25 meters and I am able to do 50 lengths in 45 minutes, when I started on the 17th I was only able to do 38 in 40 minutes so my numbers have increased.   Of course I have a spreadsheet tracking all the numbers which allows me to see how many meters I swam in a week, and how many minutes I have spent in the pool.  I have it set for a month right now but I will continue to monitor my progress.

I am not a morning person by any means and dragging my ass out of bed at 5:30am is quite difficult but once I am in the pool, it is worth the while and I have found that my moods are a thousand times better all day after my swim, I do not rely on caffeine all day, I still have my one cup of coffee in the morning after my swim but that is it.  Initially I was really worried about my food though because I was starving all the time and I started making really poor choices when it came to foods.   It has since leveled off and is back to normal.

The last thing that has changed is I have quit tracking my calories.  I am giving Intuitive Eating a shot to see if I can get this under control with out numbers.  I find myself getting so caught up in numbers that I stop doing what I know I need to do because if it fits the numbers than it can’t be bad right?  Well obviously that mentality is not working for me as I am back up to 213 (or more).  I am going to give it a serious go, I know how much I am eating – I average 1750 calories a day, and with swimming I should be fine.

I really am hoping to get back to blogging more, and after reading all the last entries I really think this blog has become my vocal spot for exercise, and eating healthy.   I will try to blog more about other things


One response to “The Winds of Change

  • Leah: the Kind Weight Watcher

    I love all of your goals! Going by tape measure for progress and switching to intuitive eating, those are both great. 🙂

    I’m working on taking the numbers out of the equation, too, but it is tough!!! I want so badly to wear the clothes that I was wearing last spring (size 14s – Old Navy). I don’t know any other way to measure the progress I’m making towards that goal besides the darn tape measure, or otherwise just feeling my current clothes getting looser.

    Best of luck to you on these goals, and I hope that your May 1 measuring went well.

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