Random Dinosaur Moment

I recently had to replace my swimming goggles as I left them behind one day and they will never be seen again.  Once I got home I had to make sure the goggles fit me properly, which included changing the nose piece on them so they were not huge (I have a tiny face, everything is huge).  While standing in the mirror of the bathroom I thought “Hey these goggles make me look like a raptor!”  Queue the genius idea of doing a raptor.  I snuck down the hall to my brother Munky’s bedroom, where he was playing Xbox.  The door to his bedroom was open a bit and I stood there for a while to make sure he wouldn’t notice me, I slowly pushed the door open and struck a raptor pose and just stood there staring at him until he looked up at me, I made a quick noise that the raptors make in Jurassic Park and I ran away in a fit of laughter.

Once the laughter subsided   I tried to sneak down the stairs but in my house that is impossible because I hit the banister and it made a noise which made Cordee look towards the stair, I had no choice but do my impromptu raptor and run back up the stairs, with him yelling up after me “Seriously what is wrong with you, were you dropped on your head as a child?”

The answer to his question is no, no I was not dropped on my head as a child; I just have the most random moments in all of history.  They are what make me a fun person (even if everyone else around tends to disagree).

This is just one of the many random things that happen in our house – most of the time things go unnoticed for weeks but every now and then there are moments where I am pretty sure my family would like to have me committed at least for 72 hours so there could be a psych evaluation done on me.


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