Why the Spartan?

Remember back at the end of January when I had a momentary laps of judgment and I signed myself up for a Spartan Sprint? No?  Well you can read about it here

The date is approaching at high velocity; I am down to about 17 days (well until the calendar date changes from June 28th the June 29th).  I leave my home on the 28th and will spend 6 hours traveling to a city that I honestly have NEVER been in.  If you are from Canada you are probably going “WHAT?! YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO WEST ED?”  My answer is no, I have never been to West Ed, and I probably never will – I don’t plan on going there anytime soon and this trip is not the exception to that.   I digress; this trip is full of firsts for me.  It will be the first time I am traveling alone for any great distance, it will be the first time I am booking a hotel room myself, and it will be the first time I attempt to complete something like this.  Yes I am 30, I realize this and it is highly unusual for a 30 year old to not have these experiences but I like to stick close to home.

I am both excited and terrified in all aspects, I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it, but at the same time I want to run so far away.  I won’t I will run head long into this and see what happens.  I was asked today by a friend who knows that I am doing this and has been so very supportive  why I chose the Spartan.  I had to think for a minute.  Why did I choose the Spartan?  Was it so I could meet a couple of friends from MFP?  No, that is an added bonus, I am sure I could have met them anytime I really wanted to.

The answer is simple.  Because I want to know my limits, and I want to push so far past them that I look back and ask what I was doing before.  You see I have lived in a world of “when my shoulder is better” so that would be never, it will NOT get better than it is right now.  I have lived in a world of “I can’t because 8 years ago I was hit by a douche that was texting and I was hurt and now I Can’t for fear of re-injuring myself.”  I have lived in a world of “I am fat, I have T-Rex arms and I will wait until I am less fat.”  Well if I wait until I am less fat I will be waiting a very long time because my body seems to enjoy where it is, I am in homeostasis   and I am stuck.  I am tired of living in the “when I can” world, I want to live in the “I came, I tried, I succeeded” world, I want to know that I can do these things, to prove to myself that my body, while it is broken it is able to do amazing things and right now its not, it is sitting and doing nothing.

That is why I chose the Spartan.  Well that and the fact that I momentarily lost my mind while I clicked the button that submitted my registration fees – I blame MFP.


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