My Spartan Adventure.

If you read this  on MFP feel free to skip this, it is the same just with with some pics.

Let me first start off by saying that I would have proably never finished this


Race packet – yes it really says death or catastrophic injury.

without my amazing friends and team and even the amount of amazing strangers through out the course.

 The Race

We started our heat at 10:30, I was excited and nervous and probably everything in between.   Right out of the gate is a steap hill,  We start walking up, half way up I am done.  I was ready to quit, I was struggling, I wanted to cry I hurt and I hated it.  My team kept pushing telling me to keep going, don’t give up its worth it.  I get to the top and we walk across and down a little to the first obstacle.  Small wood benchees – not bad I can do this.  Step over them – no weight on the bench or you get burpees.    Than we go down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill is the cargo net, climb up the net, across 2 cargo containers, roll down the middle of the net, get on the next cargo containers go down the net.  Mud hole.  jump in the mud hole.  Get stuck – REALLY REALLY stuck.  Almost lose a shoe; and probably would have but my wonderful team came to my rescue again.

Go up the hill a little then come back down to the next obstacle, over the wall, under the wall through the wall.  Needed help going over the wall (Damn little body).  than we go UP the hill again.   Stopping because I am sure I am going to die.  Keep going up the hill, eat some wild strawberries and continue on the way.  I have probably said “ok I am done about a million times by this point” and “I can’t do this” probably a million and one times.  By this time I feel like we have been out there for hours – and it was because of me.

In the hotel room the morning of the race.

In the hotel room the morning of the race.

Almost to the top come to the rolling mud put – BEST OBSTACLE EVER.  I didn’t want to leave this one but really had no choice so away we went up the hill more to the to.  Monkey bars…  Ok well burpees because my little short arms are just not going to allow that.  20 burpees – I did them all.  wait for the rest of my team and continue down the hill (I loved going down the hills), At the bottom though I knew I would have to go back up.

At the bottom of this one, there was the sideways wall – yeah can’t do that either so more burpees, I did maybe 5 and called it good.  than on to the 8 foot wall, can’t do that either so burpees… And we started our assent back up the hill AGAIN.  This time I am sure I am not going to make it, I am wheezing, I am cramping I am not a Spartan I am  the kid they should have thrown off the mountain at birth because I am not strong I am weak and pathetic.  I struggle with this one.  My amazing team right by my side cheering me on as well as strangers telling me that  I can do this, this the water tent is right up there. It takes a lot but I make it to the tent.  I sit down I drink water – A LOT OF WATER.

By  this time the obstacles are blending together as are the ups and downs so if I miss something that’s why.  Tractor pull, my team mate yells  “You’re done keep going I did yours already.”   so I just keep going, down the hill a little than up the hill again –  tire toss – I

On the bus.

On the bus.

got this.  this shits east toss the tire around, and contiue on my way.  Sand bags.  Remembering Destiny with the sandbag on her head I grab a bag put it on my head and go, I am rocking this one out, until I’m not.  I hit a hole and down I go, I quickly grab the bag and keep going.  Drop the bag and its back up the hill.

This is the 4th goddamn time I have to go up this hill.  I am really hurting now, I am sure I am really in the 7th layer of hell, I literally climb half way to the top.  Not joking literally crawl up.  Get up ther sit, for a while the guy says there is only one more Km left.  I  can see the finish – 4 more obstacles, I can do this.   Go back down the hill for the last time.

Spear throw – no go I can’t toss a javelin on the best of days.  Toss the spear miss the bale, do some burpees and get going.   Barbwire crawl – ok this is something I can do.  Crawl under the barbwire.  Teammate Jeff comes towards me tells me I don’t have to do anything at the one he has already done it.  I am thankful because I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do this.  Then its down to the rope climb.  I just walk past I am not even gonna try this one, I can’t do it.  Ropes and T-rex arms don’t mix.  burpees, do them and then its over the fire, through the guys with the gladiator sticks and get my medal.

Grab water – lots and lots of water.  Get my T-shirt.  Hug my teammates and cry.


So what did I learn?  

After the race, just a little muddy.  Totally worth it.

After the race, just a little muddy. Totally worth it.

I learned I am really really out of shape.  The fact that I finished is pretty amazing.  My lungs were hurting my allergies were kicking my ass, my legs wanted to quit.  I wanted to quit.  I was ready to quit but because I had people that were cheering me on, I didn’t.  I made it.

I learned it is a mind game, and there were many point where my mind was going to win.   I was huffing and puffing and wishing I had waited until I had lost more weight, and gotten in better shape before going.

Would I do it again?

Yes.  Actually looking at starting training right away so I can kill it without all the “I’m sorry I sucks” and “I can’t do this”


During the race I was ready to quit.  I felt awful for being terrible.  I dragged my team down and I said I can’t.  I rarely say “I can’t”  and I said so many times I was starting to believe it.  I hate that.  I hate that those words even came out of my mouth but I really didn’t thinkg I could do it.

I hate that I didn’t more things, I hate that I couldn’t do as  many obstacles because my tiny little body just said “Nope”.  I know that I will probably never beable to do some of the obstacles because of tiny arms or tiny legs, but I can do more, and I can do better.

I am still emotional about the finish I cried. Straight up cried when I got the t-shirt.

I am going to start strength training – I finshed a goddamn Spartan Sprint I can do some strength training.

The Future Me

I have made goals for myself.  In the coming weeks I will be finding a hill to train on – those inclines are a bitch.    I will be in the pool more, I will be eating better, I will be training harder, I will be stronger and fitter for next years sprint.


Medal and bib.

Medal and bib.


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