New Name, New Address, Same Old Me.

I have a new name and address, well I don’t my blog does!   I have decided that I want to be serious about this whole blog thing, as serious about it as I am about training for this next Spartan.

My new name is a reminder to me that there really is no finish line when I reach the point where I think I am done, something new will appear and I will continue towards that.  Right now my goal is to lose some weight, train, get stronger and better, and faster.  My hopes is that by next year I will be able to complete the Spartan without thinking “Oh holy hell why am I doing this?!!!!”

This is a new start for me, something I have done a million times in the last three years but something has changed.  I had a small spark lit after completing my race a couple of weeks ago.   I stepped on the scale for the first time in months, I knew the damage was not going to be pretty but I had to face facts, and those facts are for the last 3-4 months I have been a complete slacker, I quit caring about myself and that is a shame.  I am worth caring about and if I don’t care about me who will?   I hopped back on the wagfunny-t-rex-comic-hands-unstoppable-dinosaur-picson Monday, I have a plan, I am putting it into action and to be completely honest I am kind of excited about it.  It feels different, I feel different.  I have more confidence – well more than I had before which was pretty little,  I feel unstoppable – like the T-rex with those little gripper arms.

I refuse to give up on myself this time and this blog will be my  stepping stone into loving myself, and maybe even learning to love exercise or at least like it because right now it is that thing I do so I don’t die when I do that thing I kind of like  that is full of mud and good people, but there is no like or love or even like like for it.


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