A small update

July is done, and I had plans to blog a lot more but I started having some major mental blocks when writing.  I would start a post and scrap it, or get half done and hate it so it’s saved in my drafts and eventually they may see the light of day but majority of them were all over the place and had no real direction because that is how my mind has been.

attitude is everythingOn July 18th I had resolved to suck it up and move more, and I did.  I moved a lot more.  I also explored the BMF website and tweaked my goals and settings to something realistic for me at this time – they will probably change as time goes on.  Originally I had set as moderately active but in reality that was lofty.   I should have chose to use lightly active because going from really sedentary to moderately active was a bad choice, I was never hitting my goals and I felt like a bit of a failure.  I was still moving but not hitting everything, I also realized I didn’t have my heart rate set properly so my reading was probably a little wonky.   Earlier this week I changed to lightly active, updated my heart rate information and continued on, now I feel like less of a failure as I hit and surpass my goals daily.

Not a lot has really changed since my last update.  I am still walking everyday at lunch, I have upped my walk from .5km, to 1.6 and from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, which tells me my pace has increased.  I still walk in the evenings as well and average about 4km a night which makes my total walking distance for the day around 5.5km which is pretty good.  My dorky side kick (my dog) seems to enjoy the first 2km and then demands we go home by sitting in the grass and not moving so I have to make a pit stop before carrying on.  I have gone from 0 hours of movement to 1 hour and minutes of actual physical activity a day.   My brother “Fattman” (his nickname, not me being mean) has stepped up and is walking with me now as well, which keeps me accountable on days where I do not want to go (like yesterday).

Walking has given me a new perspective on things, and is making my life a little less stressful, it has also pointed out there are a lot of assholes in my neighborhood.  During my lunch walk, I put in my ear buds and go.  I don’t have to talk to anyone, I don’t have to think about work, and I just set my podcasts and go.  Majority of my walks are accompanied by Kevin Smith’s podcasts, they are light hearted, funny and gets my focus off of work, and off of the amount of sweat that is getting in my eye.

When I first decided to start walking – you know because I hate running and walking seems kind of natural.  I downloaded the MapMyWalk app on my phone, it has GPS so it tracks where I walk, how long I walk and the distance I walked. It is pretty nifty.  I didn’t realize it sends out a review of your exercise in its entirety that is until yesterday when I received an email with my monthly stats.   In the month of July I logged 21 work outs, 19 routes, 29 total miles, 11.1 hours and according to this app I burned 4,840 calories.  I have only been using this app stead for the last 2 weeks of July so that is pretty decent, prior to the 18th I only used it twice.   I kind of cannot wait for the end of August to show me what a full month looks like, even with my holidays at the end of the month, I have a plan and I will stick to it.  Although my food may be a little haywire.

Oh and before I forget, I stepped on the scale for the first time since July 16th (ok so I lied a little I stepped on the scale last weweweek but with the communists in the fun house I do not count the weight I saw, and on the 19th my moms scale said I weight 300 pounds, and then it said I weighed 100 pounds, and then it just wouldn’t weigh me at all.) I am down 1 pound since July 16th; which may not be crazy impressive but at least it’s a downward movement and not going up anymore so maybe just maybe I have finally figured something out.   If not I know my attitude has changed.

On a side note can anyone tell me how many calories one burns for tucking and rolling across the street?  Because I did that yesterday and I want to know if it is beneficial (not really I don’t want to repeat that embarrassing moment).

For the record; I still hate exercise but I will continue to do it because even if my body really hates me (and it does my hips, shoulder and back are all in extreme protest as of late) I will continue to do what I am doing until it stops working.




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