Back in February I said something about updates, and I really did plan on coming back to update but then I just kind of didn’t.  I really am a slacker when it comes to blogging.

First update, the beginning of the year lead me to getting seriously committed to changing my lifestyle, I downloaded an app called Pact, its a great app. You make a deal with the app that you are going to work out X number of days for X dollars (you choose) and if you don’t work out it takes 5 bucks,  and you don’t get paid at the end of the week.  You do work out and make your goals and you do get paid at the end of the week – its not a lot but it adds up.  Since January I have logged 89 activities and $19.67 cents.  I was only doing a food log pact for 7 days at 10 dollars  and the gym for 3 days at 5 dollars, next week I have upped my pact for 1o dollars and 4 days in the gym and 6 days at 1o dollars for tracking, I need one day where I don’t log as I am getting bored.    It is great motivation, I have only one break (not intentionally  – I will get to that in the minute) and then a couple of “meh” days and I skipped the gym.

The next update is the beginning of the year also changed things for me, you know that unintentional break I took?  Well, I rolled my truck on January 11th.  I hit some ice, lost control, gained control, lost it again and hit the ditch, and then my truck rolled, I wasn’t hurt but it was enough to take me out of the gym for a week due to being pretty stiff and sore, and then I was without a vehicle for a month well I dealt with insurance and getting a new vehicle.  I did go to the gym in that time but I was borrowing a truck from my brother and I was half assing it in the gym because… well because I hate having other peoples vehicles so I would go and do a quick cardio work out and go home.

February came, and I found myself wanting more out of the gym so I signed up with a personal trainer, to get back in the weight room.  So far I have only done 6 work outs in total with weights but I am loving it.  I am excited to see where things are going to go and what the strength training will do for me, and while my weights are not as heavy as a lot of peoples but it is a start. Most of my workouts include dumbbell work but if I continue to progress I will advance in with barbells and things.  I love my trainer  she is amazing, has a great sense of humour  and gets that I do not want just do cardio.

Weight wise, well I am sitting at about 4 -5 pounds lost but I am seeing changes in my body so I am okay with it – kind of.


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