A Month…

A month ago today I hit the gym with my trainer, it was the first day I worked out with a trainer, it was also the first day I realized that this is something I could love.

I am not a huge person on exercise, its a chore for me and not fun, its like knowing I have to scrub the toilet.  I do it but I don’t enjoy it.  I worried,  I worried I would hate my trainer (I don’t I love her), I worried I would hate the exercises, I worried that I wasted almost 300 dollars for a trainer and the list went on and on and on.

What I have found since I started working out?  I didn’t waste my money, I love  my trainer, I don’t hate the exercises and I don’t want to stab myself in the face at 5am  when I wake up to go to the gym.  Okay that last one is a lie I do but not because of the gym, just because 5am is stupid and shouldn’t exist.

I also keep a spreadsheet because, everything in my life requires a spreadsheet and I can see when and where my weights changed and went up.  I will post that information in a minute but let me just say, I know my weights are not super  heavy BUT they are heavy for me, they make me work and I feel it the next day when my muscles are like “hey bitch, I was happy sleeping why do you need us to wake up now?”   and I really do love that feeling.

Mondays workout has been done more than the rest – because it was the first one I got, and then I did it a couple times before I met with my trainer again.  Feb 24 – March 17 are workout done alone – March 10th I forgot my notebook at home and I couldn’t remember what weight I was at so I just went with 30 which is really too light.

Mondays workout- Back and Triceps

Mondays workout- Back and Triceps

Wednesdays workout is Legs and shoulders,  This is my least favourite day, I like walking and this day makes it so very hard to walk.  That and my Gym has 2 levels,  I workout on the second floor and coming down the stairs on jelly legs is always an adventure.

Tuesdays workout - Legs and shoulders

Tuesdays workout – Legs and shoulders

Fridays workout, this is the newest workout – Arms and Chest.  Not horrible, It makes my arms forget how to work and my boobs hurt the next day well more my pecs but this is also where I am the strongest.  well Until you get to the abdominal work (so weak)

Fridays Workout - Arms and Chest

Fridays Workout – Arms and Chest

I am not going to jinx this but in a month, I have gone to the gym, done my exercises and not wanted to quit, this is a huge improvement for me, tonight is pictures night being as the scale has stayed roughly the same, I am not expecting miracles for changes but I know there are a little.


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