I guess they call this progress…

I am really horrible at keeping up, partially because  I forget I have a blog, partially because I figure things aren’t that amazing in my opinion and my thoughts aren’t always worth typing/reading, but mostly because my thoughts are very jumbled and sometimes don’t even make sense to me.

I started this blog as a way to stay accountable to myself for weight loss, as my about me (which I need to update) says I kind of drifted away from that, then I came back but quite obviously I suck at updating this thing.

I haven’t quit trying to lose weight, actually this year since January I have been more accountable, my weight loss is still not happening but I work out at least 5 times a week (usually) and I log my food 7 days a week (mostly).  I say usually and mostly because sometimes life happens and I have to let stuff go, and just let life happen.

I have found the keys for me to stay accountable have been finding a program that actually pays me to work out and log my food, and if I don’t I end up paying for the day(s) missed unless I have scheduled a break.  The app its self is great, I have ran into a couple issues with it and when I contact them they are able to fix it right away.  I am in no way affiliated with them but if you are interested or haven’t heard of it, its called Pact, it syncs with a few apps, and can log you into the gym via GPS, and food logging syncs with MFP which is really convenient for me.

I recently also bought a Fitbit Flex.  Its amazing how much that thing gets my ass moving, if I do my regular workout and come to work I barely get over 2000 steps in a day, however if I do that workout, come to work and then go for walks on my breaks, lunch and after work I get way more steps.  It was eye opening to me to see that even though I was going to the gym 5 times a week, I was still very very sedentary so that could be the point why I was stuck, I hope it was the answer.  I was wearing a heart rate monitor during my workouts but it showed me as burning 400-500 calories a workout, I have since quit wearing my HRM and am only going by my fitbit. I have only had it since the end of April so I don’t have any major revelations about anything really.  This week however my fitbit has been neglected because of a small set back in the form of a pulled muscle in my leg.  It is fine, and I am able to walk more as of today but it is still a little upsetting for me.

On to the progress, I started watching me weekly averages as I was having issues with the scale, I took it a little further and have also started watching my monthly average as well.  It is nice to see a downward trend for once, God knows I haven’t seen any kind of trend but upwards as of late.   The below graphs are of that.

weekly month



The other place I am making progress is in the weight lifting department.  I started out fairly light – due to a previous injury and being a little nervous as to how good it was to be back in the weight room (best decision ever Bee Tee Dubs.  I have been able to get more mobility in my injured shoulder, so much so I can move my arm behind myself and touch my back, I haven’t been able to do that in years!) Below shows my starting weights and what I was at the last time I did those exercises.

Exercise Feb May
Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 30 60
Dumbell Tricep Extension 5 12
Seated Row 30 50
Tricep Rope Pulldown 25 40
One arm dumbell Row 10 15
Tricep Kickbacks 5 10
Leg Press 60 120
Squat W/Shoulder Press 5 10
Lateral Dumbell Raise 5 8
Dumbell Deadlift 5 15
Alt. Front Dumbell raise 8 10
Dumbell Chest Press 10 12
Dumbell Hammer Curl 10 12
Incline Chest Press 10 12
Barbell Curl 20 30

So there is progress in all those numbers, I haven’t done any measurements or progress pictures because I am quite honestly too scared to do it – I am worried I will not have lost anything or I will look the same so there is that.  I should do my measurements but I will just be discouraged if the scale AND the measurements aren’t changing.

Well this turned out to be way to long I should probably update more than once a moth.


One response to “I guess they call this progress…

  • Heather

    I’m getting ready to start a new gym next week, after taking a “long winter break.” Thanks for the info, I was wondering if I should try a Fitbit! Keep it up, and hopefully I will, too!

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