The Proof Is In the Pudding

Mmmm pudding, I haven’t had pudding in so long that sound delicious right about now.   I digress, if you are a friend of mine on MFP or have been subjected to my photos on my personal facebook you can skip this, or you can read it and enjoy it or do whatever you want with it really.

Its no secret that I struggle a lot with weight loss, or lack of weight loss.  I try to be real about it because I honestly cannot be the only human being that can’t seem to lose weight, can I?  Either way,  it goes beyond sucking and straight into fuck this territory a lot of the time but I keep on plugging because for some reason my mother raised me to not quit even if things do suck.

I haven’t found a lot of ways to keep positive to be honest, I don’t track my measurments because when you own your very own set of T-Rex arms, it is difficult to do measurements by yourself.  The scale is an unkind whore tool most mornings but there are ways around it.  I do try to take photos of myself because that is about the only time I ever really see anything changing but month to month I have a hard time seeing much difference because changes happen slowly. And my clothes, those still fit the same so at one point I probably  looked like a really badly stuffed sausage or I have magic pants that just form to my body – I like to think its magic pants.

The other day I found 2 progress photos from the beginning of the year – one from January and one from March and I looked at them and thought “hey I look different” and then I thought “nah you are delirious with sleep so stop thinking anything has changed. ”  It wasn’t until I got to work the next day and put the 4 pictures together that I saw there was a difference, a fairly significant difference I think any ways.

Progress is progress right?

Progress is progress right?




January’s photo – I was only doing Cardio 3 times a week, sometimes.

March’s Photo – I was lifting weights 3 times a week and sometimes doing cardio.






May’s Photo – I was lifting 3 times a week and doing cardio twice a week as well as trying to get 10,000 or more steps a day.

June’s Photo – Same as May.




So as you can see my weight is up from January and March but my body is changing and right now that is really all I have to hold on to.


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