Completed Goals

At the beginning of last year I made up a list of goals to achieve by my 30th birthday –  I am a real procrastinator so this was a big feat but  I did achieve some of them.  These are the ones I achieved.  I will add more as I accomplish more.

2012 Completed Goals

  • Loose 10 pounds.
  • Read 15 books.
  • Go on a date.
  • More crafts.
  • Spend more time outside.
  • Plant my first garden.
  • Eat produce from said garden.
  • Try new hobby.
  • Start novel.
  • Make a new friend.

2013 Completed Goals

  • Work out for 5 days
  • Work out for 10 days
  • Work out for 15 days
  • Work out for 20 days
  • Work out for 25 days
  • Work out for 30 days
  • Work out for 40 days
  • Stay off Facebook for a month.
  • Work out 50 days
  • Complete Insanity
  • Run for 5 minutes
  • Run 10 minutes
  • Run 15 minutes
  • Work out 60 days
  • Complete Spartan Sprint and not die

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